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Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization package comes with guaranteed ranking for your targeted keywords. We follow ethical and white hat SEO techniques only. We analyze websites, do proper keyword research and then only proceed for SEO activities. Irrespective of your offering, you are sure to compete with dozens, if not hundreds and thousands of web sites trying to sell the same offering to same target customer base from the same geographical region.

Zediant can help you feature in the list of top 4-5 records when your target customer searches something directly or indirectly relevant to your offering. Overcoming this first hurdle is a MUST to make things work for you.

Factors affecting SEO can be broadly divided into two categories

  • On-Page SEO which deals with skillful tricks that you need to do on your web-page to positively affect the rankings, and
  • Off-Page SEO where links to your website from other different sources need to be managed

SEO is not a one-shot hit. Successful SEO requires trained, knowledgeable, experienced, skillful analyzing, iterative approach, constant monitoring and tweaking of various factors. A good search engine optimized site build over the months can reap you benefits for much lesser advertising cost and more business over the years.

Zediant involves team of highly experienced and dedicated SEO personnel who is sure to monitor and fine tune of all SEO aspects of your website on constant basis.

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