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Legacy Application Migration

Maintaining and upgrading legacy systems is one of the most difficult challenges companies face today. Constant technological change often weakens the business value of legacy systems, which have been developed over the years through huge investments. Despite their obsolescence, the main challenge a company faces in upgrading a legacy system are:

We Offer:

  • They continue to support unique business processes.
  • Contain invaluable knowledge and historical data.

Though companies somehow hold on to these legacy systems to avoid the chaos of a bumpy migration at present, doing so will only become more difficult as time goes on. The challenges increase with technology driving them becomes increasingly outdated

Zediant Business Analyst and Technical Architects are champions in analyzing the existing system, its data structure, technologic platform and plan and implement a roadmap for smooth transformation of your existing system to a more technologically upgraded system aligned with the current business process.

We at Zediant provides Legacy Application Migration services with special interest in

  • Understanding your present system and the business process it supports.
  • In depth analysis of the data in the present system
  • Plan out what needs to be done in the new system to fulfill the current business processes
  • Lay a roadmap on how to smoothly migrate the existing system to the new one without affecting the daily business operations
  • Ensure all data in the current system is smoothly transferred.