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HTML5 and CSS3 have revolutionized the way present day web and mobile interface works. They are compatible and consistent across web browsers.

With the power of HTML 5, we obtain significantly more control over the structure of our documents, and with the power of CSS 3, our control over the presentation of our documents tends toward infinity. And both of them put together allows designers to create master-class interfaces that takes the user experience to the whole new level

No amount of Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization will make a difference to rankings if the web pages are not well structured HTML, easily readable by the Search Engine, in a logical document structure. HTML5's new elements can be relied on when sites are being re-indexed on search engines, as specific mark-up features of HTML5 are of value when search engine results pages (SERPs) are being calculated.

We at Zediant are committed to use the best practices to help your webpages offer great user experiences.Click here to know more.