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Cloud Development

In twenty first century, worrying about infrastructure solutions is a waste of time. We can help you to develop cloud based solutions with a combination of cloud computing, networking, storage, management solutions and business applications that facilitate IT and consumer service. With cloud based development we will help your applications be scalable and highly available.

Our array of expertise across major cloud infrastructure providers include:

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Amazon AWS
  3. Google Cloud
  4. Rackspace Cloud

We help you to:

  1. Migrate from of existing on premise enterprise solutions to the cloud services platform.
  2. Develop new enterprise class product/solution and test on cloud platform.
  3. Develop of cloud solutions interfacing with existing cloud based or web based solutions.
  4. Develop interfaces for web based or cloud based applications to integrate with the cloud based relational database service based upon SQL server technologies.
  5. Manage and support your existing cloud based infrastructure