BigCommerce Partner


Big Commerce is an ideal choice for SMEs to kick off their online stores at any time in a cost effective manner. It provides affordable, and ready to use responsive templates which provides the right platform to get your online store going. It is an ideal choice for retailers who don't have the capital or the need to invest a large sum of money into an E-Commerce development project.

As a platform it requires minimal customization to launch the store as most features are built into a template. It is easy to deploy and manage post go live. This helps the retailers to get rid of unexpected expenses and difficulties so that they can focus in to their core business competencies.

The team at Zediant is champion in setting up the online store on a Big Commerce platform in a short notice. Over the years we have mastered the art and technology of customizing the Big Commerce platforms. From small customization, Zediant expertise in complete wrapping of any Big Commerce template to give a complete different look and feel and also to create custom apps related to product ordering, packaging, pricing, shipping and delivery to address any add-on features for your store which are otherwise not present in the Big Commerce platform.

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